Safety and productivity go hand in hand

The Shafar safety products program addresses the needs of manufacturers, food processors, distribution companies, services sectors, and governments or municipalities. From head to toe and for every corner of your workplace, Shafar safety solutions help you maximize employee satisfaction and morale, minimize worker’s compensation claims, medical expenses, and lost production time.

With Shafar as your go-to for safety solutions you get more than the right product to address a safety challenge or need, you get solutions that enhance the work environment, create cost savings, increase efficiencies, and worker productivity. Developing a safety culture starts with the right safety products. You can trust in Shafar to bring fresh ideas and solutions to your business.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Eye, Face and Head Protection


  • Foot Protection
  • Hand and Arm Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Protective Clothing
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Partitions
  • Sanitizers


Workplace Safety Solutions


  • Communication Systems
  • Ergonomic Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
  • Protectors, Guards & Rails
  • Safety Cabinets
  • Safety Signage and Identification
  • Sorbents, Spill Protection, and Containment
  • Traffic Safety Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ranges from safety boots to safety goggles, gloves, respiratory protective equipment through to specialized visible or neon clothing. PPE gives both your employees and you the confidence that risks are limited in all work environments and scenarios.

Talk to us about how Shafar PPE safety supplies allow you to comply with regulated return to work guidelines and give your employees the day-to-day protection they need from injury, illness, and risk. An investment in PPE safety supplies is good for your people and your brand.


Respiratory Protection

Shafar provides a robust offering of disposable respirators, full-face and half mask respirators, airline respirators (hooded and tight fitting), powdered air respirators, SCBA, air filtration systems, air cascade and pump systems, and respirator fit testing.


Whether you want to equip your team with N95, RN95 respirator masks to guard against germs or respirators for a specific environmental and safety end use, we have what you need.



  • N95, RN95 single and multiple use masks
  • Air filtration panels
  • Air sampling equipment
  • Disposable respiratory protection
  • Emergency escape EEBA and CBRN respirators and gas masks
  • Fit test equipment
  • Homeland security respirators
  • Manufacturer and series-specific respirator replacement parts
  • Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and cartridges
  • Reusable air purifying respirators
  • Respirators accessories
  • Respirator cleaning and storage
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) respiratory protection
  • Supplied air airline respirators and ambient air pumps

Hand and Arm Protection

Hand and arm injuries are some of the most prevalent in industry today.


We carry glove and arm protection for every need be it for warehouse, transportation and material handling, shelf-stocking, delivery, and line packing, as well as any job requiring superior grip and dexterity. Choose from disposable nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves, cotton gloves, leather gloves, coated gloves, chemical gloves, cut resistant gloves, cut resistant sleeves, disposable sleeves, cotton sleeves, chemical resistant sleeves, heat resistant sleeves, and welding sleeves.


  • Disposable gloves
  • Brown jersey, canvas, and string knit gloves
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Cold resistant gloves
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • Drivers gloves
  • Finger guards and cots
  • Hand protection accessories
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Leather work gloves
  • Lifting gloves
  • Linemans gloves and protectors
  • Mechanics and anti-vibration gloves

Eye, Face & Head Protection

We’re here to help companies reduce the risk of eye, head, and face injuries with a complete line of safety glasses, RX safety glasses, safety goggles, headgear and visors, welding shields, goggles and glasses from suppliers including 3M, Honeywell, Pyramex, MSA, and more. And, because no two employees are alike, we offer a wide variety of sizes and adjustable fit eye protection.


The correct fit provides the best protection, so rely on us to help you choose the appropriate eye, head, and face protection for your workplace and individual employee needs.


  • Bump caps
  • Face shields
  • Hard hats, type 1 and type 2
  • Hard hat replacement suspension
  • Headgear and face protection visors
  • Head and face heating and cooling
  • Head and face protection and accessories
  • Head protection
  • Helmets, Class C, E, and G
  • Safety hard hats
  • Welding helmets
  • Headgear and visors
  • Welding shields
  • Prescription safety glasses and goggles
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety glasses protection
  • Safety goggles
  • Lens cleaning stations, refills, and towelettes

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection The right hearing protection can mitigate the danger from exposure to excessive noise and increase employee safety and comfort. Shafar has hearing protection solutions for every environment and need.  We provide disposable and reusable earplugs, earmuffs, ear bands, and dispensers from manufacturers including 3M, Peltor, Honeywell, Moldex, Pyramex, and more.

Not sure what’s right for your business? Contact us. Our safety experts can help you choose the correct hearing protection for your work environment.

  • Banded hearing protection
  • Disposable ear plugs
  • Ear plug dispensers
  • Hearing protection ear muffs
  • Hearing protection accessories
  • Reusable ear plugs
  • Sound levels meters and badges

Foot Protection

Foot Protection The right footwear is an essential to workplace safety, comfort, and protection. Our selection of foot protection covers a wide range of safety requirements and on-the-job risk factors:


  • Foot, toe, and metatarsal guards
  • Hip and chest waders
  • Industrial safety boots
  • Lineman’s safety boots
  • Moulder welder boots
  • Rubber or PVC boots
  • Specialty boots
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Shoe and boot covers and accessories
  • Thermal boots

Communication Systems

Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your employees can communicate in every circumstance with communications products from Shafar. Whether it’s routine workplace communication or the need to broadcast a safety alert or drill, Shafar has the communication products to make sure your message is heard.


  • Charging batteries
  • Communication system accessories
  • Megaphones
  • Receivers
  • Radios, Four-way, Two-way
  • Storage accessories
  • Voice amplifiers
  • Wireless head pieces
  • Safety training informational videos and DVDs

Ergonomic Protection

Ergonomic Protection The right ergonomics solution improves employee productivity, performance and morale, and can reduce the risk of injury, and lost time. This is why Shafar provides a complete offering of anti-fatigue and specialty matting, office ergonomic supplies, back supports, wrist, knee and elbow supports, and more.


  • Ankle supports
  • Back support belts
  • Ergonomic lifting supports
  • Ergonomic workplace matts
  • Elbow supports
  • Knee pads and knee supports
  • Matting
  • Anti-fatigue, anti-slip, anti-static
  • Conductive & nonconductive
  • Modular floor matting systems
  • Welding, safety message matting, and tacky matting
  • Shin supports
  • Wrist supports

Fall Protection

Fall Protection Protect you’re most valuable assets and give yourself and your employees the security and peace-of-mind with fall protection equipment and safety supplies from top manufacturers.


With options that range from full body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, retractable lifeline, ladder kits, and shock absorbent lanyards to horizontal, edge protectors, carabiners, and general confined space products, and more, we’re here to help you.


  • Anchorage connectors and devices
  • Confined spaces equipment
  • Fall arrest kits
  • Fall prevention equipment and systems
  • Fall protection accessories
  • General fall protection kits
  • Harnesses
  • Harnesses and lanyard combinations
  • Ladders
  • Lanyards
  • Lifelines and rope grabs
  • Rescue kits
  • Roofer kits

Fire Safety Equipment

It is mandatory to have certified and approved fire safety equipment available and accessible at all times to ensure the safety of your employees, customers and visitors.


  • Fire escape ladders and hoods
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher accessories
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)/Brady®

Lockout Tagout Protection Prevent injuries during maintenance and repair by securing equipment and warning employees of potential hazards with lockout and tagout tags.


The Shafar inventory of lockout tagout and security safety supplies includes:


  • Circuit breaker lockout tagout
  • Electrical lockouts
  • Hasps lockout tagouts
  • Key cabinets and group lockout box
  • Lockout tagout covers
  • Lockout tagout hasps and tags
  • Lockout tagout kits, centers and stations, and boxes
  • Lockout tagout training, compliance, and signs
  • NS lockout tagout and security
  • Plug lockout protectors
  • Pneumatic lockout tagout
  • Security mirrors
  • Security and lockout tagout cables
  • Steering wheel message covers
  • Tagout devices tagout tags
  • Valve lockout tagout

Protectors, Guards & Rails

Keep employees and site visitors safe from the spread of coronavirus, and away from areas under construction, spills, damage, or temporary dangerous conditions with partitions, bollards, guards, rails, and protectors. Shafar provides a wide range of portable, temporary, and permanent partitions, safety protectors, guards, rails for the office, plant and warehouse environments.


  • Barriers and gates
  • Bollards
  • Column protectors
  • Corner guards
  • Guard rails
  • Hand rails
  • Hose and cable bridges
  • Machine and rack guards
  • Partitions
  • Rack guards
  • Toe boards

Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets can be used for storing and securing hazardous chemicals, identification and organization of chemicals, liquids, and other dangerous substances, securing substances to limit misuse, and creating one central location for hazardous and dangerous items. Shafar offers a wide range of safety cabinet dimensions, materials, and applications including under counter, wall mount, or floor safety cabinets to attend to your storage needs.


  • Drum storage safety cabinets
  • Flammable liquids safety cabinets and chests
  • Office supply cabinets
  • Paint and pesticide safety cabinets
  • Safety cabinets for acids and corrosives
  • Safety cabinets for paints and inks
  • Safety cabinet parts and accessories
  • Safety cans

Safety Signage and Identification

Safety Signage plays an important role in the workplace keeping employees, customers and other visitors aware of potential hazards and serves as a reminder of safe behavior. Use safety signage that meets OSHA, ANSI, and ADA standards with options and formats for every need including safety signs, tags, labels, pipe markers, barrier tapes, anti-skid tapes, printers, and software for safety identification, along with stock and custom signs, labels, and markers.

Sorbents, Spill Control & Containment

Spill Protection come in all shapes, types and sizes which is why Shafar provides an assortment of sorbents, spill control and containment solutions. Keep your workplace clean, safe and productive with absorbent pads, booms, socks, dikes, kits and accessories for oil only, hazmat, and universal applications and containment solutions like containment pallets, sweeping compounds, cotton rags, granular absorbents, and a range of kits that include tools for the pickup, transport, and removal of containers.


  • Hazmat and chemical sorbents and spill clean-up
  • Oil and petroleum sorbents and spill clean-up
  • Secondary containment
  • Spill control neutralizers, pillows, and sorbents
  • Spill kits
  • Storm water management
  • Sweeping compounds

Safety Instrumentation

  • Portable and Permanent Mount Air Monitors
  • Noise Dosimeters
  • Sound Level Meters

Traffic Safety Supplies

Traffic safety supplies allow you to meet a range of traffic and roadside safety requirements including lighting, direction, barriers, safety fencing, signage, and traffic barricades.


    • Barrier tapes, flags, retractable barriers, and kits
    • Cones, posts, barricades, and barrels
    • Highway traffic safety equipment
    • Roll up signs, flags, and windsocks
    • Traffic safety fencing
    • Wheel chucks, parking blocks, and speed bumps