Office PPE


Office Stationery has a huge range of Personal Protective Equipment PPE designed to keep yourself, your employees and anyone else that you come into contact with, safe whilst in work environments.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes items such as face masks, gloves, safety glasses and eye protection, high visibility clothing and ear protection. Generally these items are designed to protect the wearer from infection or injury through heat, electrical, chemicals and more.

Within our range of PPE, we have a huge variety of clothing, high visibility clothing, safety boots and footwear. We also have a wide range of gloves, including medical grade disposable gloves, vinyl gloves, latex free gloves, nitrile gloves, as well as both powdered and powder free. Our glove range also includes builders grip gloves and trade specific gloves. On top of this, Office Stationery has a wide range of face masks and respirators. Within this range you can find medical masks, valved and unvalved face masks, and disposable face masks.

All of our PPE products are manufactured by top brands to a high standard which ensures the safety of you and anyone else around you.

If you have any trouble finding the PPE products that you need, do not hesitate to contact us here at Office Stationery. Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help you find the perfect product.